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Mama's Gone Madison Water Bottle Kit Review

Mama's Gone Madison, May 4, 2012, Water Bottle Kit Review by Angie.

There has been a recent issue in our house. This issue has plagued us for months. You see, at 33 months, my son is right in between the big boy cup (meaning without a topper) and the sippy cups. He wants to have a cup like ours, but hasn't quite mastered the art of sipping from an open cup. That is why a cup like Whole-Earth Gifts' Water Bottle Kit in Stainless Steel has been such a good fit.

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Mama's Gone Madison Water Bottle Kit Review

Earnshaw's April/May 2012 Issue

Earnshaw's April/May 2012 issue, article re-printed below; click here to read full issue. The 95th Anniversary Issue, Remembering G.F. Earnshaw, The Secret to Staying Power.

For tots in need of earth-friendly travel gear: Think Outside. The sustainable childrens' brand offers a range of GOTS-certified, fair-trade products, including backpacks and mini-backpacks made from recycled polyester and nylon, stainless steel water bottle kits with interchangeable tops (nipple, sippy, and sport), as well as 100 percent organic cotton terry and velour beach towels. Look for recycled polyester sunguards and organic shorts and rompers for Spring '13. Wholesale prices for the gear range from $9 to $16. Visit

Earnshaw's April/May 2012 issue Think Outside childrens' brand

So Rhode Island Eco (Kid) Friendly

So Rhode Island Earth Day Article, 22 ways to teach your kids to live greener, more natural lives. Think Outside review re-printed below; click here to read the full article.

Being green isn’t just about protecting the environment – it’s also about protecting yourself from pollutants. Even the clothes you wear can contain harmful chemicals. Think Outside, a sustainable children’s clothing and accessory company based in Richmond, wants to change that. Their kids clothes are made from organic cotton and natural vegetable dyes. Eco-friendly accessories like reusable water bottles and backpacks are made using recycled materials and an "upcycling" process that eliminates all unnecessary waste. Available at Most Naturally in Narragansett Pier Marketplace and Mills Creek Natural Market in Charlestown.

So Rhode Island Eco (Kid) Friendly

New York Family Magazine March 2012 Issue

New York Family Magazine March 2012 issue Colorful Kids Fashions, Audra McDonald

New York Family Magazine March 2012

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